Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Principal's News

Dear Parents and Friends,

This week we wait in anticipation of our Year 3 students as the second group prepares to receive the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist this coming Sunday. The Eucharist is central to our Faith as we acknowledge the need we have to receive the Body and Blood of Christ as nourishment, thus giving us the strength to live out the word of God. As a community it will be wonderful to see our families and staff from St Mary’s School supporting the students at the 12.30 Mass on Sunday. I always feel privileged to be working with such a dedicated and highly skilled teaching staff as the teachers from St Mary’s.

Our school is a hive of activity from seven o’clock each morning until well after five o’clock each afternoon as the teachers plan, meet and organize a variety of learning activities for your children. It is an expectation of the Australian Teaching Standards that teachers be skilled in the new initiatives and programs that form part of their professional development. When your child’s teacher is attending a Professional Development Workshop, the students are always taught by a professionally trained teacher, who follows the teaching program that has been prepared. The normal routine is rarely disrupted so that the learning continues. Currently the teachers are involved in professional development for the new Mathematics Curriculum, details of which can be viewed on the Board of Studies Website.

Thank you to the many parents who responded to the survey on the possibility of re-introducing the pick-up line after school. Many parents have commented how they would like to see this facility made available again. Further details of its operation will be in the final newsletter for this term to be published next Friday June 26. Enjoy the week ahead Yours in peace Beverly Coffey

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Principal's News

Dear Parents and Friends,

This week we celebrate the wonderful talents of our students as displayed in the recent St Mary’s Athletics Carnival and the Choir Eisteddfod at Chatswood Concourse.  Both events presented our students with the opportunity to display the voice learning principles that underpin our strong vision for student voice in the school through working in teams and developing school spirit.  May I take this opportunity to thank the many parents who were involved in both events and in particular Kellie Smith for the Athletics Carnival and Danielle Whitmore and Mary Tazawa-Lim for the choir.  Such parent engagement is highly valued at St Mary’s School.
Our teachers are also highly recognised for their expertise within the school and across the diocese.

Ms Kylie Norburn has been invited to take on a new teaching role within the Eastern Region of schools as a leader of learning in literacy.  This will involve her coaching teams of teachers across a number of schools as part of their professional development.  This appointment will commence next term and continue until the end of this year.  We congratulate Kylie on her excellent in teaching and wish her every success in her new appointment.

Mr Sean White has moved into a coordinator role here at St Mary’s as a leader of innovation and development.  This is an exciting role for him as we move forward with this way of creative thinking to support our focus on problem-solving.  We congratulate Sean on his commitment to the teaching profession and his passion for learning.

Talking Growth 
The new building works are progressing very well and on task for completion at the end of this term.  The use of glass and Tasmanian timbers throughout is contemporary and allows for extra light as a particular feature.  Currently painting work is being completed followed by the laying of carpets and tiles.

The handover of the building will take place at the end of the tem with occupation being the first day back in term 3.  Before the school occupies this new space we will notify all parents and students of how to access these areas and how the new spaces will be used.
A steering committee meeting for Stage 2 of the building project will take place shortly to look at plans for the future growth and to make any changes or additions if needed.  Information will then be circulated to all parents for comment.  Further details will follow in our next newsletter.

Enjoy the week ahead,

Yours in peace,
Beverly Coffey