Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Week 7 Term 1 2018

Dear Parents and Friends,

Throughout the Season of Lent we ask all families to show their children the special importance of prayer in their daily lives. Prayer is a core value of religion. Particularly when things are difficult we call upon God for help. But, what is prayer? What do I hope to achieve when I pray?

Prayer has been described as “Keeping company with our God.” Through prayer, we acknowledge, contemplate, listen to, thank and communicate with God. Prayer, whether done in adoration, as an appeal to God for mercy, or for a change in circumstance, fosters internal formation. Prayer for mercy forms mercy within us; prayer for strength forms strength within us. When we call these virtues to mind and make them a central focus of our being, we begin to live that virtue. It is born within us and is God’s internal work.

As parents there are many ways that you can help to deepen this relationship with God through prayer for your children. I will share some of these suggestions with you:

Remember the power of example: Children’s first lessons in formal prayer occur when they see their parents pray.

In simple ways, and from the earliest age, draw the children’s attention to the presence of God in the lives of all of us.

In the beauty of nature, in the closeness we feel for each other, and in the many acts of kindness we see and experience, we see God.

Share a prayer at the family mealtime.

Introduce the children to scripture. Take turns in reading a parable or some event in the life of Jesus from the Bible.

The great prayer of course is the Mass. Do everything you can to help the children see themselves as part of a family and a community which gather together to listen to God’s word.

“In the face of so many wounds that hurt us and could lead to a hardness of heart, we are called to dive into the sea of prayer, which is the sea of the boundless love of God, in order to experience his tenderness.” 
Pope Francis

It has been a very exciting week for all staff and students as we finally moved into our wonderful new learning spaces. I hope that you have all had the chance to tour through the beautiful classrooms. We are very thankful to have this opportunity to teach in such contemporary spaces and offer our students a learning culture that is collaborative and creative. There will be an opportunity to celebrate the completion of our building project later in the year with a Blessing and Opening Ceremony. In the meantime, if you have not walked through the spaces we will offer some opportunities for parents to visit next week.
Wednesday March 21 at 8.15am.
Friday March 23 at 8.15am.

Please look on the school blogsite to see the fly through of the school classrooms as photographed by Markus Powling.  Direct link:

Best wishes for a happy St Patrick’s Day.
God bless