Friday, 27 May 2016

Principal's News, Term 2 Week 5

Dear Parents and Friends,

What makes a Catholic school distinctive?

The answer lies in its attempt to generate a community climate which is inspired by the Gospel spirit of freedom and love. At St Mary's school we continue to strengthen our faith community whose values are communicated through the close relationships of its members, and a common belief in the presence of God. Thank you for your genuine efforts as we work together in this partnership.

May I also give a special thanks to our Yr 6 parents who co-ordinated the recent Lapathon. Julie Donnell and Diana Gedeon were instrumental in volunteering their time for the success of the day. Altogether we raised a very generous amount of $18 000. Congratulations to all!

Catholic Education in Australia has a wonderful record of volunteering which started with the Priests, Brothers and Sisters who, as members of Religious Orders were responsible for setting up an Australia wide network of schools and colleges. This was achieved with the support of Catholic people who, though mostly belonging to the lower socio-economic section of society, gave generously to support the purchase of property, the erection of buildings and the provision of teaching materials. This of course is not purely an historical reflection, for the same support is still occurring on a daily basis in thousands of schools throughout Australia.

When it comes to helping around the school by being an active member of a school committee, assisting in classrooms , supervising an excursion, listening to children read or coaching a computer team - this is the wide scope for parent volunteers. Volunteers are the life of healthy societies everywhere. We really appreciate your efforts.

Staff News
It is with great delight that we announce the appointment of Mr. Tim Butt as the Acting Religious Education Co-ordinator for the remainder of this year. We congratulate Tim and wish him much success in his new role.

This week I will be attending the Eastern Region Principals Conference  for three days so will be absent from the school. Mrs. Julie Hunt will be available for any parent consultation should any situation arise.

May I wish you a happy and positive week ahead.

Yours in peace,